Pre-op Assessment

stethoscope_on_bookAll our patients are pre-assessed by questionnaire, before reaching hospital. Any forms raising questions are passed for review by an anaesthetist.

We request that a small number of these patients attend the hospital for a thorough anaesthetic pre-assessment in order that any pre-existing medical conditions or other issues can be addressed before the day of surgery. This would include patients with serious medical conditions, previous problems with an anaesthetic and indeed people who request to meet with an anaesthetist prior to hospital admission.

Sometimes, we request further medical tests or refer patients on for further appointments in specialties such as cardiology or respiratory medicine.

Our aim is to ensure that your surgery is as safe and well-managed as possible on your day of admission.

There is a charge for an appointment in our Anaesthetic Pre-assessment Clinic (currently £150).

Not all insurance companies or policies will cover this fee: please check in advance to clarify this with your own insurer.