Shortfalls for insured patients

What is a shortfall?

As an Insured Patient, you may unfortunately find yourself liable to a shortfall for part of your anaesthetic fee. A shortfall arises when there is a difference between our anaesthetic fee and the amount (or benefit) which is paid out by your insurance company.


For some years, Bath Anaesthetic Group LLP have not substantially altered our fee schedule. In fact, our fees have increased by less than the rate of UK Inflation. In contrast, the benefits payable for anaesthetic fees by some major medical insurers have not increased substantially for a number of years. Not surprisingly, with our fees rising at or below inflation and their benefits remaining static, a difference or shortfall has arisen for many cases. Unfortunately, this shortfall is passed on to you, the patient.

Will I definitely incur a shortfall?

No. This will depend on your particular operation and on your individual insurance policy. Some insurance companies have increased their benefits to keep pace with inflation, so they will pay your anaesthetic fees in full, direct to us. Other insurers will only pay a proportion of our fee, leaving you with the shortfall to pay to us.

How do I pay for a shortfall?

We will contact you after your surgery, if there is a shortfall to pay to us. If so, please call us on 07999 879017 to pay by card or alternatively arrange payment by cheque.

Please do contact us if you would like to discuss your fee or any aspect of your anaesthetic care.